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The On-Demand App is more convenient and efficient for all business models. Time is changing, and it’s changing rapidly. With the introduction of the on-demand web application, our lives have got simplified, and work gets done in no time. Today, whichever service/product you want is just an “App” away. We have successfully developed such on-demand web applications for our clients and summed up their businesses in user-friendly applications for better results.

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Dedicated Dashboard

  • Managing ‘n’ number of things get simple if you have a tracker or a dashboard to monitor activities single-handedly. Can easily manage a large number of inventories with on-demand web applications. The business gets sorted in many areas by providing a dedicated dashboard vendor, admin, team, and user with limited or full rights.

Vendor Dashboard

  • The vendor will be automatically notified if the stock is less than the limit of the specified quantity limit. The application will generate a purchase order as a course of action.

Admin Dashboard

  • The administration has the authority to trespass each field of the web application. This power of tracking down the business actions and their consequences is made easy just for the admin through the on-demand web application.

Employee/Team Dashboard

  • An employee gets access as permissible from the admin for further action. The team keeps a tab on the allocated stock and manages it following tasks assigned to each one of them.

User/Client Dashboard

  • Once the stock gets reflected on the client’s dashboard, they monitor it from order placement and shipment until it reaches them. The on-demand web application creates a user-friendly interface making it accessible and hassle-free for the client.
  • Using the customer login facility, they can track the progress of the job or order on the web application. Customers can also access records like order details, invoices, reward points, etc.

Why choose us?

Since 2013, we have developed many customized web applications for various business traits. A client often approaches us for a new development job, and we do have ready-made product solutions. Adopting a ready-made web application for business provides a bug-free environment, proves to be time-saving & cost-effective in every way.

Bit Binders uses advanced tools and modern technologies for coding. We choose the technology after reviewing the clients’ needs, considering the merits and demerits of the same. Furthermore, we strictly follow the guidelines of SDLC (Software development life cycle), which works as a catalyst for the feasibility study, design preferences, and accuracy for our client’s businesses.

We follow the thumb rule: Trust building and client retention is Bit Binders’ sole mission, and we can’t compromise on it. We are the only IT service company available 365 days and 24*7 for our valuable clients.

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