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Web Designing and Digital Marketing Company plays a vital role in most industries, from managing the resources in manufacturing plant to gathering customer reviews in the service sector to understand the market better. We deliver comprehensive solutions designed to propel your brand into the digital spotlight. We have ready-made solutions for the following domains.

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing company consists of Google-certified professionals who are experts in finding your potential client and taking them to your inbox with a smile. Our experts excel at identifying your potential clients and seamlessly guiding them to your inbox, all with a smile.

Winners never lie.

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Multinational companies or Start-up web presence with digital marketing are the seeds of business growth.

We always start by figuring out your targets and pain points. It helps us in choosing the right technology or platform for your virtual presence. It also ensures a well-crafted digital marketing strategy for your business so that we can celebrate your huge numbers later.

When converting the discussed words into actions, Our brilliant squad gets ready to get your brand name viral in a short time. We can affirm you with the best of the best execution. Continuous research and good results have made us more proficient at our jobs.

Our Coding Competency

When put together, trending technology, appealing appearance, and leading-edge intention of the web experts deliver a stunning application. That’s why we have the best-in-class designers and developers in our team.

As a website development company, we gratify our clients with a complete range of development services like Static Website, Dynamic Website, E-commerce Portal, MLM Portals, and Mobile Applications.

Our team of coding maestros is ready to transform your digital vision into a seamlessly functioning reality. Experience the Bit Binders advantage – where every line of code is a step toward digital brilliance.

Windows Application Development

Windows Application Development stands as a cornerstone for businesses seeking robust, user-friendly, and versatile solutions.

Web Application Development

Whether you’re envisioning a groundbreaking new application or seeking to enhance an existing one, our team is ready to turn your aspirations into a digital reality.

Mobile Application Development

Bit Binders delivering solutions that redefine user experiences and drive digital success.












The only way to keep away from assumptions is to ask questions!

Undoubtedly Yes, It Doesn’t matter what team size or nature of business you do. A website is a must-have asset for every business. It is a robot in your business that works 24 X 7 365days to increase your business. It caters to the customer when you are not available.

We will not be proven wrong if we say that a website is the only counter of your business that will remain open for all hours and all days.

Mobile Application: It is a standalone mobile software version of any portal. Majorly functionalities are the same for both mobile application users and website visitors. Moreover, a mobile application has some added advantages like:

Fast Loading
Custom View
More Insights for the admins
Push Notifications
Quick Response
Comparatively fast & reliable

Verdict: The need for mobile applications depends upon the nature of business. If your customer reaches you again and again for XYZ’s market, you must have a mobile application.

Digital Marketing- Promoting your business or products online known as digital marketing. Here online means various available platforms like search engines, social media, etc. Creatives and Strategy are the two main key factors of Digital Marketing.

Traditional Marketing: Promoting your products or services using print media and building hoarding near the roadside is considered traditional marketing.

Verdict- Digital Marketing is a far better option than traditional marketing. In digital marketing cost of customer acquisition is comparatively low, and the conversion rate is very high. Higher conversion rate targets niche audiences by considering their interests, age group, location, lifestyle, etc.

Well, these are two different approaches in the world of digital marketing.

SEO- Search engine optimizing is the art of optimizing your website according to Google’s search algorithms. Yes, you are right nobody knows about the exact parameters of the ranking algorithm. But our team has a good knowledge of what helps and what not.

Google Adwords: This is the paid service offered by google itself. We have to research the keywords, have good traffic on them, and strategize the award-winning level campaign for your business.

Verdict- SEO takes some time to rank well on the google search result page, whereas Google AdWords can capture the lead from the first day, but customer acquisition cost is very high. Considering the merits & demerits, we suggest you go for both the services from day one. Initially, invest more in Google Adwords gradually shift the budget towards SEO.

Digital Marketing is like an approach to finding potential clients in an ocean. Majorly audiences are categorized into two sections.

Section 1(Inbound) are those who are desperately looking for products or services you are offering, while others(Outbound) may purchase your product after getting influenced by the advertisement.

So if you are only targeting the section one clients who are already in need of your product, we can estimate the cost. Still, if you wish to target both audiences, invest X amount and see the results for two months. In the review meeting, I will provide you with an amended strategy to increase or decrease the marketing budget.

Search Engine Marketing: This approach is considered pull marketing. Pull marketing approach means your ads appear when the user types exact or similar keywords in the google search box.

Social Media Marketing: This approach is considered to push marketing. Here we check or build the target audience considering their interests and demographics. After generating the custom audience, we will showcase our products, USP’s and other engaging content.

Verdict- If your schedule is only lead generation in a short time, Search Engine Marketing will help you. But if you wish to invest in branding and long-term asset-building, Social Media Marketing is a recommended option.

Email Marketing: No Doubt, Email Marketing is one of the oldest techniques of Digital Marketing, but we can also say that an email marketing campaign even gives the best ROI as well.

The conversion rate in email marketing always depends upon the data bank. In today’s time, many agencies have a standard data bank for all their clients. Finding the email address of your potential clients and assurance of mail delivery to the inbox is among our USPs. Our team uses the most advanced tools to fetch the email-ids of your potential clients.

At Bit Binder’s, we have a google certified professionals who are masters in identifying and targeting the right peoples for your business. Before running any campaign, we create a blueprint to take some seed keywords from you to understand your trade better.

We run a digital marketing campaign with a clear understanding to attain the best result and higher ROI for you. Accurate, crisp & clear digital marketing solutions are our promise.

Before making a purchase or taking the services, we all know that every consumer checks the online reputation, reviews, etc. Even in many cases, we have seen an excellent positive curve in their sales graph just improving their companies reputation.

At Bit Binders, we had done the online reputation management for many of the giant companies prevailing in the market. If you wanted to get your business repo managed, please connect on the phone numbers or ping us in the live chat window.

Absolutely yes, transparency is one of the main USPs of Bit Binders.

A dedicated customer relationship manager is appointed on every project. Usually, we generate reports weekly. You will be getting a detailed description of every campaign every week. All proposed and taken action with ROI will be part of the report

Before the launch of any campaign, we set the baseline targets. To measure the attained results.

Definitely let’s connect over a coffee to showcase some of the case studies and discuss how we can help you in digital marketing or application development for your business.

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