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Being online is not a guarantee of business!


A Social Media Marketing company helps in boosting up the reach, engagement, and brand awareness. Social media marketing agency trade or the nature of the business was never a hurdle ever. In short, no matter what your company serves, our SMO experts can take your branding to the next level in a brief period.

Why Social Media Marketing Company and What all it covers?

Social Media Marketing may help a brand in many aspects like:

  • Reputation MGT- In today’s time, people don’t believe completely what a brand is advertising about itself. Before taking services or purchasing a brand’s product, a user checks the reviews about the same. In most cases, it has been noticed that the buyer refused to buy after reading negative comments. The buyer even refuses to proceed with a brand with no words or engagements on social media as this is the sign of no prevailing users of the product.
  • Active Engagement- For a business, active engagement is proof of an excellent social media presence. The active engagements are like a footfall in the shop, every visitor in the shop will not make a purchase, but the theory says that footfall is directly proportionate to the sales graph. Similarly, active engagement means people are talking about your brand. Growth in engagement rate means growth in brand goodwill.
  • Two-way conversations- As a coin has two sides similarly, in social media marketing, the seller or the account holder must be active for all hours, which is difficult for many businesses. If your business is also facing the same difficulty, don’t worry. We have an artificial intelligence-based solution for your business at no extra cost. Our bots will remain active at all hours to handle your visitor queries.
  • Lead Generation- SMO can also be a practical approach in lead generation. Even the lead generated through social media marketing has a higher conversion rate than the leads generated from other sources. The higher conversion is the mental makeup of the customer after seeing the engagement, branding & reviews, etc.
  • Organic Strength- Every business must have some unique selling proposition but still struggles in increasing their sales. The reason behind the low sales is wrong targeting and no organic reach to the customer. Days are gone where banners and pamphlets lead to a sudden rise in the call flows. If you want to enjoy the same hike in your sales, connect with us and get your social media campaign planned by us.

Choosing a social media platform is one of the most critical tasks in the social media marketing lifecycle, as every forum has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you are only targeting the younger age group, we prefer to go for Instagram. On the other hand, if your target audience would be between 25-57yrs, we recommend Facebook as a social media platform.

We will conduct an audit on the same and compare the parameters. If they found it ok, we will carry your past efforts forwards.

Social media campaigns require lots of strategies and creatives. However, once all is developed and the movement is made live within 3-4 days, you will see beautiful results. So, in short, yes, you may expect instant results.

Yes, we will be sharing the performance reports every week. Even we will be taking approval of the content before publishing the same onto the respective social media platforms.

At Bit Binders being an SMO company, We have some personal recipes for instant traffic! Let us connect.

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