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Email Marketing is the approach of sending emails to a group of potential customers. Generally, email marketing is used to send the newsletter, promotional, franchise request, or introductory content. Email marketing is considered one of the best ways to build loyalty and trust in customers’ mindsets. Whether you are targeting new customers or sending mail to an existing customer, email marketing helps you in both cases. Email marketing standards have been improved a lot in the 21st century; before this evolution, email marketing was not as effective as we can’t see the recipient’s demographics. In today’s time, you can even check whether your customer has visited the mail or not and if he or she has inspected the mail what amount of time they had spent reading the mail.

Here comes the role of digital marketing for healthcare, where it enormously outbreaks your records in getting maximum potential patients from any part of the world to connect with you.

Types of Emails

  • Broadcast: This type of email is sent to a group of existing customers or targets new customers. Here an ordinary mail is shooted to every recipient. Most people know this technique by the name of bulk mailing.
  • Event-Triggered: As the name suggests, it is the type of email only sent to the customer on an occurrence of any event. For Eg- You have hosted an event & you wish to send a thank you mail to all the event attendees. A welcome mail sends to the customer upon registration or signup on the website, also known as the Event-Triggered mail.
  • One-to-One: If the intention behind sending the mail is, giving a personalized feel to the customer, One-to-One emailing is the most effective way. We will not be proven wrong in stating that, in email marketing, one is the approach known for best in the class ROI.
  • Recurring: As the competition, the level is very high in every trade; follow-up emails help crack the deal or build a good relationship with the customer. This email marketing approach is used when the customer is planning to buy the product in the coming days. If emails are frequently sent to the same customer, he or she must consider your business before purchasing the product.

As we all know, a coin has two sides. Similarly, email marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s understand that:

Advantages of Email Marketing:

  • Budget Friendly: Email marketing is considered the cheapest approach in targeting potential clients.
  • Know your customer better: Email marketing insights help in knowing the interest or reactions of the customer towards the products and services offered by your business.
  • Better Response Time: Almost 70% of the internet users check their inboxes very frequently 25% of the remaining users check the inboxes daily. Hence the engagement rate is high and quick.
Disadvantages of Email Marketing
  • Spamming: Almost 90% of the businesses running in the market take the help of email marketing. Some of the companies are very desperate in achieving the customer due to which they make false promises and commit low cost with hidden conditions. It results in a generation of the wrong perception about the promotional email in the customer’s mind.
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