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Google AdWords is an advertising system where advertisers bid on specific keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google search results. Unlike other marketing strategies, you only pay for ads people click. Once you optimize Google AdWords campaigns, you can get a high return on investment which may not be possible with other marketing strategies. We start researching well-performing keywords to build relevant ad groups and write crisp and targeted pay-per-click ads. At Bit Binders, we take care of every minutest detail in setting up a Google AdWords campaign for your business.

Being a PPC management agency, our team has seen many marketing campaigns failing in the market, usually due to severe competition, budget issues, and the many intricacies surrounding the paid search. We help create PPC campaigns that drive traffic, leads, and revenue to small and large businesses looking to improve their bottom line.

PPC marketing and management is our passion, and we are perfect in the same. Our highly effective campaigns are based on our clients’ specific marketing and overall business needs. While developing a marketing strategy, market, concern, & cannot skip targeting your potential customer. We’ll help you understand your PPC campaign’s most crucial analytics to align all future digital marketing decisions well.

Generally, the PPC campaigns are categorized as follows:

  • Google Search Network- Only text ads are shown to the user on the search engine result page. As per Google policy, every search engine result page has two sections for paid advertisement. On every search result page, the top five results are generally ads similarly; the last five results of every search engine result page are also ads. This sponsored section’s background is always pink in color. Your business advertisement position depends on many factors like relevancy score, bid amount, ad snippet quality, etc. It is suitable for every service industry pursuing the goal of lead generation.
    • Location: Just below the search box.
    • Payment: Pay Per Click
  • Google Display Network- In this approach, graphical advertisements are shown to the user, your business ads are displayed on the Google display networks channel partners. Here you will be charged on the view basis. Images and videos can both be adapted under the Google display network campaign and generally suited to those businesses that are majorly looking for the sake of branding. It is also true the display network campaigns have a comparatively better engagement rate than search ads.
    • Location: YouTube and other display partner.
    • Payment: Pay per view
  • Shopping Ads- These are the product advertisements shown on the search result page of any search engine. The ad is only visible to the user if he or she is looking to buy that product online. The decided bidding amount is deducted on a view basis.
    • Location: Next to the search box on the search result page.
    • Payment: Pay per click
  • Remarketing- While shopping, the customer often doesn’t buy the things on the first go. Therefore to resolve this issue from online marketing, we have a solution, i.e., remarketing. If the user has seen the details of your product, it signifies he or she is very much interested in buying your services or product. We store the customer’s details and ping him again on other platforms like social media etc.
  • Custom Targeting- If your business has a database of old clients or potential customers looking for a solution to target them. Custom targeting is the best approach to adopt here. Please give us the available data that will showcase your ads. The main benefit of this technique is an almost 95% conversion rate.
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If you need complete professional services for Google AdWords campaign setup campaign management, leads conversions, track keywords research, website conversion complete website contact form or calls tracking, retargeting campaign, etc. Bit Binders is the recommended name in PPC Companies.

We specialize in SEO, Digital Marketing, Content marketing, Professional web design, web development, search engine optimization (Google, Yahoo Bing), PPC advertising (pay per click), Online marketing, and PR publishing websites.

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